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Tournaments from phone: 7/8/2014 19:02:40

Level 44
I'm using the iOS version and can not find a tournament that I've joined via the computer. Am I missing something or is that not supported on iPhone?
Tournaments from phone: 7/8/2014 19:17:08

Beren • apex 
Level 63
It can't be done on any phone at this point. Fizzer has said that's something he'd like to implement though.
Tournaments from phone: 7/9/2014 16:01:48

Level 60
I have Puffin browser and you can view the entire site on there from iPhone (or any Flash site for that matter). So you can see tournaments, forums, etc. Well worth a couple bucks it costs for the app. It is slightly slower (you would not play games on it over the Warlight app), but gets the job done as a workaround.

I will be switching to android soon, so I can't imagine I will use that browser after that, except on my ipad.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3