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commercial developement for warlight ?: 11/5/2012 15:49:54

Level 57
i think to something

may be if free player can sometimes créat litle tournament or game whit more of 6 player, may be they most want to become member than now

exemple : for player who join warlight since 2 mouth and play minimum of 100 game,

they can créat 1 tournament all 2 mouth whit a maximum of player (until 50 and 100)

and 1 big game by week (maximum 12 player)

what are you think of that?
commercial developement for warlight ?: 11/5/2012 16:03:29

Level 57
commercial developement for warlight ?: 11/5/2012 17:06:26

Level 60
is that bad english or terrible french?

I disagree, u wont buy an account if u say, well... i cant do thing all the time, but i may wait a few days to do it

Je ne concoirde pas, tu n'achatera pas une acconte si tu di, bien.... je ne peut pas faire tout tout le temps, mais je peut attender quelcques jours pour le faire (mon français est pas tres bon et je n'est pas fais quelcques effort pour utiliser une bonne ortographie)
commercial developement for warlight ?: 11/5/2012 17:13:26

[WG] Warlightvet 
Level 16
the real spelling is orthographe, but the best spelling is by far aurttograffent.
i don't think this would work because tbh if i were a member i wouldn't create big games once a week anyway, so if that were my motivation for buying a membership i'd skip paying and do it for free :p
commercial developement for warlight ?: 11/6/2012 00:53:40

Master ARC 
Level 57
I am not afraid to say that I don't know any languages besides English and fairly fluent spanish. This is why Google translate exists.
commercial developement for warlight ?: 11/6/2012 03:37:32

Level 23
Translated from Internez Speak - (Dialect: Zero Wing Engrish)
Hello, I have thought of a great idea to improve WarLight.

Would it be possible for those who are not members to be allowed to create a small tournament or a game with more than six players every once in a while so that they will want to become members in the future?

For example, a player who has joined over two months ago and has played at least one hundred or more games could be allowed to create a single tournament every two months with a limit on how many players can join it and a single game every week with up to twelve players.

What are your thoughts about this idea?
(Never gonna happen)
commercial developement for warlight ?: 11/6/2012 07:11:58

Level 60
after translation its not that bad of an idea. but not as important as reaching out to new markets like fizzer is trying to focus on with the ios and android dev right now, so yeah, dont think it'll go anywhere, still worth adding to the uservoice suggestions site though.
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