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EternaVerse: 7/2/2014 23:19:13

Level 6
Hello, I'm a player of the game, not the admin or creator or whatever other title there may be. I'm just a massive fan of the game. If this is spam or anything that can get me in trouble, I do apologize, I thought this section would be the most appropriate for this post.

So, EternaVerse is an awesome game! Like, you get to make your own empire, build and customize ships. You can play aggressively or defensively, not to mention you get to play with other players in different alliances.

The game keeps growing and improving, the admin keeps adding features and working on the game. It's a beta but it's already so much better than any other games of its type!

So, to help you out I'll post the referral link I have, it'll bring you into the newer server, and there you can join my alliance and I'll personally help you, as well as the many other players in the ever growing alliance.

EternaVerse: 7/3/2014 03:10:04

[Ag⁴⁷] Wolffe
Level 55
It looks the exact same as another game I used to play on iPhone a couple of years ago. It was called Galactic Empires. The only name for something that I saw was different in the screenshots part of the site was a ship called "Lune Noire". Apart from that, all the names and concepts are the exact same.

EDIT: Here's the link to the app store. It seems to have updated it's GUI since I last played. https://itunes.apple.com/nz/app/galactic-empires-universe/id844697343?mt=8

Edited 7/3/2014 03:14:17
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