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Getting the game URL: 10/20/2012 16:44:41

Level 59
Talking about getting the URL of the current game I'm playing.
Why don't you guys use SWFAddress library to change the URL in browser's address bar instead of put it inside Settings' window?
Getting the game URL: 10/20/2012 20:18:07

Level 58

Warzone Creator
I agree it would be better. This is something I've had on my TO-DO list for a long time, it just hasn't been a high priority.
Getting the game URL: 10/20/2012 21:23:11

Level 60
Is that the reason why it often won't paste correctly in WL? I find I can copy and paste in a text editor no problem, but when pasting in WL chat it often pastes a previous URL copied.
Getting the game URL: 10/20/2012 21:30:06

Level 50
I have that problem too, when I try to copy and past texts in different languages (in an rp game I copied and pasted some Turkish)
Getting the game URL: 10/22/2012 16:14:52

[WG] Warlightvet 
Level 16
another problem with links i noticed a few times is that when i paste a link into chat the first time into chat it works fine, but sometimes when i want to paste a second link (any link) it just puts the first one again. i checked that i wasn't making a mistake by pasting it somewhere else and it worked fine. in the end i just had to copy the numbers manually and try to convince the player i was talking to that i wasn't just pretending to cover up a copying fail -.-
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