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Change version mode > testing error: 10/14/2012 01:37:23

Level 11
When i try to switch my map from development to testing i get the following error:

completeHandler 21760::warlight.shared.ServerException Error (0): WarLight Server returned ServerError
at mapDesign\ChangeState_.as:()
at warlight\shared\messages\Message.as:ChangeMapModeReply()
at warlight\shared\messages\Message.as:OnReply()
at warlight\shared\messages\Message.as:()
at warlight\shared\messages\MessagePump.as:OnReceiveMessage()
at shared\Messaging.as:completeHandler()
at shared\HttpRequest.as:completeHandler()

what can i do to dix this?
Change version mode > testing error: 10/14/2012 01:46:31

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
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