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Multi-day Open Games: 10/13/2012 21:47:46

Level 4
LOL... Why are there so many open multi-day games right now. Mostly asia.

Just an observation because i have never seen so many open games at once :D
Multi-day Open Games: 10/15/2012 18:08:39

Level 60
Are they all legit?

I joined a real time one last week where the person that started it was basically away. So even when it was full of players, the game never started because he had not joined. I kept seeing people jump in and out of it as I was looking for other open games.

Do those get deleted somehow?

I would think open games should be removed if they are not started after a set period of time.
Multi-day Open Games: 10/15/2012 21:08:01

Level 53
Chris they do.For real time it is 2 hours limit.For multi i don't know 2 days or more.
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