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Rise of Rome Opinion: 10/12/2012 21:21:49

Level 56
Hey guys i just heed to collect you'r comments (as it seems people are to shy to post :))) i thinking of reducing the Parthian empire bonus as it is too close to asia and u can get both quite easy which makes players a bit too strong. I would really like to hear everyone's opinion. So shoot :)
Rise of Rome Opinion: 10/13/2012 00:44:23

Level 31
Well, instead of decreasing the Parthian bonus, try connecting one of the territories to another part of the map so it isn't as easily defended. Once a person captures Asia from Parthia, the east becomes really easy defend and gives the player there an advantage. By creating another connection, it won't be as great of an advantage. Try adding Arabia or maybe some territories around the Caspian Sea so players from the west can attack from the northeast or the south.
Rise of Rome Opinion: 10/14/2012 16:19:41

Level 13
Hi, i like this map. Overall the east has an advantage, as already said with the parthian, parthian empire and litte asia boni. If you cut down the galia and italia boni and give these territories into the magna germania boni it would help to get there boni faster and you wouldnt have to do anything in the east i guess. historically, gallia ended at the rhine and germania began on the other side. same as italia, it ended at the alps at most (realy at the river rubicon) so the alpin territories should go to the magna germania bonus. otherwise you could make a new superbonus, pannonia, for example. it would be placed in noricum, and east of it.

anyways it does make fun to play.

greetings, Wredi
Rise of Rome Opinion: 10/15/2012 21:31:58

Level 6
A separate bonus for Belgica would be nice so it's not part of the Gallic bonus.
Also The only places without a superbonus are located in Scythia. Making Scythia a super bonus and separating the Barbarian bonus into Germanic and Gothic would make things more blanced and simpler I think.
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