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TLA Championship League: 9/30/2020 05:14:39

Master Activision
Level 60

This is the most challenging Intra-Clan League of them all! I, Hotarian is organizing this event and bringing it to the public attention after many months of organizing it. You may remember that I tried to set up a French Brawl League and that didn't go so well... With the help of LND(The face of the company) we both have made this amazing league called The Last Alliance Championship League.

How it works

The Try-Outs
16 tryout tournaments each host 16 players starting with 1 tournament at a time. 3 days to join 3 day boot time. Each tournament will be a different template. The winner of each Tournament will be invited to the 16 top player single elimination challenge

The Finals
Each player will battle another on the same template. 8 players win, 8 players loose. the looser's then battle each other on that same template. 4 players win, 4 players lose. Then its 2, then when there is 1 person that has not won yet that person is eliminated and we have our top 15. When the top 15 start battling it will be on a different template.

What if its an uneven number?? 1 person will get a bye which counts as an automatic loose. He then will play with the 7 looser's turning it into 8. Then the process stays they same, 4 win 4 lose, 2 win 2 loose, 1 win 1 elimination, now we have our 14.

Joining The League

First off you need to be part of TLA but we don't want to keep this to ourselves, we want the whole community to know about this! Again as stated above, you have a 3 day time frame to join or until its full of 16 players so yes players who are more active will get in faster (our first tryout tourney filled up over night). But if you win that tourney you will no longer receive an invite till the Championship League actually starts so there is room for more players.

Currently on Season 1, part 1

List of players in top 16

Winners of each Season
"none yet"

The Motto
"From the top of the highest mountain
To the bottom of every valley
We are the spark that turns into the Grand Finale

If you have any questions regarding this League or would like to join TLA to participate please post in this Thread or Contact one of the following
LND https://www.warzone.com/Profile?p=4090173830
Hotarian https://www.warzone.com/Profile?p=63115373334

Edited 9/30/2020 13:09:54
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