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Death of Gui: 10/11/2012 13:20:30

Level 55
Once a championship game ends I'm done. My reasons:

1. Ladders (medium earth settings) are a bit dull and repetitive. The most enjoyable maps (Europe, Poland, Africa, Roman Empire, East Asia, Europe 1600) and the most enjoyable game modes (3v3 no cards, FFA) don't have ladders.
2. I got 10 games. 9 feel like work. 1 is interesting.
3. I prefer real-time games but have no time.
4. My account is too cluttered. I can't delete tournaments or old names.
5. No motivation. Wins are expected. Losses give some too much excitement.
6. My games have too little talk. Most of the time I play to chat.
7. Too many 'top players' are only willing to compete on Medium Earth and/or in 1v1s.
8. I think I'll go back to reading more and wasting less time.
Death of Gui: 10/11/2012 13:59:25

Level 49
...but a ghost cannot die!?
Death of Gui: 10/11/2012 15:21:22

[WG] Warlightvet 
Level 16
I agree with all of those reasons (maybe a little less the motivation one, but most have easy solutions.
-i've always found teammates for the "fun" maps even if they're not all the same level, you just mix up the teams to balance them out.
-As for the talk its usually possible to instigate it with most people if you really want it. =p
-Games don't need a ladder to play games, if you want there to be one ask fizzer and make one in the forum while waiting
-you CAN remove tournaments and favorite games...
-you can be moderate with warlight instead of playing it constantly, if you login for 10-15 minutes/day you can be almost as efficient as logging in 10 hours/day, all you need to do is take your turns, everything else is a bonus.
-if you don't like ladders and strategic 1V1... don't participate in ladders and don't join strategic 1V1 games

btw, are you french? it looks like a lot of the top players are (niko too, and of course, the best player warlight has ever known, me)
Death of Gui: 10/11/2012 16:48:05

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Believe when I see it.

You already made stern promises that you'd never be on the forums again...
Death of Gui: 10/11/2012 17:48:22

J Russell Mikkelsen 
Level 4
Richard, he only broke those promises because of bad luck. We should consider those promises unbroken.
Death of Gui: 10/12/2012 04:31:03

Level 46
Good night sweet prince
Death of Gui: 10/12/2012 04:41:13

professor dead piggy 
Level 59
Sounds like youre not having much fun, excellent reason to stop.

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