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Seeking Coder for New 1v1 Ladder: 6/20/2014 02:35:56

Level 58
There seems to be a significant movement among the warlight community to move past the current ladder system as it is to easily gamed. As I am not terribly good at programming I cannot undertake this task on my own.

Using suggestions from the warlight community I suggest we seek to create a modified 1v1 and 2v2 ladder to make it more difficult to game

key factors

1. max 3 games at once

2. increase the number of games to get ranked

3. Use a true skill ranking system

4. Games do not expire

other suggestions.( first one is mine feel free to suggest I will update the first post to reflect additional changes)

a. pairing people based on avg turns
Seeking Coder for New 1v1 Ladder: 6/21/2014 00:53:31

Level 56
New luck setting? Reinforcement card of +3 in 5 pieces? And if straight round is used: 4 starts of 3 (so Greenland isn't taken in two turns 100% and with healthy leftovers), and 1-2 fewer wastelands (to give more space to make the 4 picks)?

Edited 6/21/2014 00:55:51
Seeking Coder for New 1v1 Ladder: 6/21/2014 01:03:02

professor dead piggy 
Level 59
my favourite solution to the problem of gaming the ladder is to not publish the rankings anywhere. people join in order to get games only. If you want to find out who is best the correct way is clearly a RR anyway. all rankings do is incentivise bs like alts,
selecting opponents,
logging into friends accounts and throwing games,
people dropping out of the ladder to give their friends no1 spot,
playing 15 games and then dropping straight out of the ladder,
getting tons of games against low rated players and then waiting until old losses expire and reentering the ladder with a 10 win streak already under your belt, and whatever the next thing gnuggles will think of is.

Perhaps not publishing the ratings of the top 10 would be enough. the people in the top ten are usually all about as good as each other and that could be the aspiration that the top 100 aims for without feeling like they need to resort to bs. leave the rest of the ladder published so that people get a sense of how theyre improving (the only redeeming quality of the current rating system).

Edited 6/21/2014 01:05:43
Seeking Coder for New 1v1 Ladder: 6/21/2014 02:36:31

NoobSchool (AHoL) • apex 
Level 58
A blind ladder which is semi-seasonal would be really cool too. Every three months the rankings show for a week and anyone in first during that week gets a trophy. Then they disappear and people continue playing their games. Thoughts?
Seeking Coder for New 1v1 Ladder: 6/21/2014 06:43:33

professor dead piggy 
Level 59
it would probably be empty for 2.5 months and then would get abused for a few weeks before the big reveal.

Gentleman you probably could do it on your own. Ive talked to plenty of people with acceptable coding skills and they cannot make clots any easier than I can. All the code is already written, the hard part is designing quite a complicated website that does alot of different things at once. So youre looking for a web designer not a computer programmer imho.

Edited 6/21/2014 06:43:45
Seeking Coder for New 1v1 Ladder: 6/27/2014 00:05:02

Level 58
Hmm I guess I will just give it a shot then. Wont hurt to try :D
Seeking Coder for New 1v1 Ladder: 6/27/2014 00:05:55

The National Socialist
Level 54
Seeking Coder for New 1v1 Ladder: 7/22/2014 07:41:16

Level 58
What if we start new system - something like ATP rankings in tennis?
One tournament in November - that will be called World Championships with most points.
Three majors and 7 minor tournaments. So, tournament every month. December would be without any tournaments.
More important matches would be played in best of 3 or 5 format.
I would also limit time per game not move - like in chess. 2 or 3 days per game.
Maybe light fog setting so we can have live coverage on warlight (and that spectators can have some idea what is going one).
I am sure it might help warlight get some sponsors for this. More sponsors - more money - better servers. And we all had problems with servers these days...
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