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Lets play a little Game..: 6/19/2014 20:20:43

Level 57
a new story that adopts to the choices you make, For instance when reading through the story at the end of each section choices will be displayed, make your selection as a community which ever option has the most votes is the one that gets picked.. you will then read the next section to see the results of the community-wide vote. each section of the story will be told daily.. meaning new sections will be posted everyday, only when their posted by me is when its offical so for those who want to try and guess at what happens, please do so in another thread, lets keep this thread for the story and voting only.. the choices made effect the story tremendously so remember to pick logically or illogically doesnt matter as the story developes more..
Rules: 1. Must Vote only once per day.
2. read through the whole story before progress to the next chapter.

the First options that will be voted on is the story itself.. which out of the following do you wanna see progress..
A) Knights Conspiracy (Ive already started this story however, there are some who wish to get more involved with the story so heres your chance)

B)General Gates (WW2 era, a story during the Rise of Hitler, This story tells of a Young General who finds his Love on the Eve of World War..)

C) Pruminius ( During The Roman Empire days, The son of a Barbarian Rebel leader who finds his Fathers Death rather Difficult, does he pick up his fathers rein or will he cower away never to be seen again..)

D) Hidden Treasure.. ( A story telling of an American Quest for the Golden city, Taking place during the Revolutionay war Dominic must battle through his inner demons of family troubles while preserving this historic artifact from the British. If he loses such an artifact it would spell disaster for the American Cause..)
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