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This is not a rant! Good guys on Warlight!!!!!!! :): 10/10/2012 10:35:27

{rp} Kingmaker 
Level 58
After many rants by players, myself included, about rotten players who boot too soon, stall games deliberately, act or speak in an obnoxious manner or cheat someway it is nice to report the decent part of humanity that can appear in Warlight games.

Just now I played a 3v3 where one of my team mates surrendered without real warning and left us without an AI. I thought ******* ******* has lost us this game even though we were in a commanding position to win it. No AI meant doom and we would have to forfiet.

But no! The other team quickly agreed to vote to end and stated they thought we could win and that they didn't understand why our team mate surrendered. It was agreed it was a good game but alas no fair conclusion could be reached.
So we voted to end and left amicably.

I will add these guys to my invite list and welcome a game with these guys safe in the knowledge they will play fair and decent.

Well done to them and good luck to them.

I ask all Warlight players to follow their example.

The game in question:

Noble players:

This has inspred me to write a poem:

Noble Player

Surprised I was when
you said vote to end
and I changed
my frown to a smile
that shined a while

To be fair
is not to care
too much
but to play for fun
and not what's won

WO (not thee)

I will add this to my poetry thread :)
This is not a rant! Good guys on Warlight!!!!!!! :): 10/10/2012 15:13:43

[WG] Warlightvet 
Level 16
b-b-but its worth ruining my reputation and getting blacklisted and raged at for an extra point on my stats!! i'm sure that extra point will really get me a long way, like maybe i'll find a clan that needs a 52.3% win rate or above in 3V3 and i only have 52.2 :((
This is not a rant! Good guys on Warlight!!!!!!! :): 10/11/2012 00:55:34

{rp} Kingmaker 
Level 58
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