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Super Charge anything sugestion:: 9/26/2020 14:43:40

Sasquatch Bohogotot 
Level 59
Yes, 20x super charge sounds like a lot, but it is actually very insufficient. I think 100x would actually make a difference, especially when you have millions, billions to kill. And the same for a mine.

What to you other players think?
Super Charge anything sugestion:: 9/26/2020 15:14:15

Level 35
In my opinion supercharged things should work like 5 minutes boost with a 1 hour cooldown. (pretty much like skills in Clicker Heroes)
Their impact is not that big, but still you have to pay for them, looks like moneygrabbing :D

Edited 9/26/2020 15:16:27
Posts 1 - 2 of 2