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Highly offensive comments by a loser: 10/5/2012 04:23:46

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Level 58
I just played a game that seemed for most of the game to be quite good and amicable. However, when we beat Team A one of them started insulting us and used offensive language that included racial comments about jews. BTW I'm not a jew but I find any racism offensive. I think a sufficient gg is the way to end the game.

I know he tried to be funny but the sentiment was still very offensive.

I will blacklist him and I hope he is shunned by the community as Warlight should be a place where everyone can enjoy the game without abuse or being called a cheater or accused of hacking.

BTW I wish my skills were that good but sorry I do not know how to hack. If did have the skills I wouldn't hack anyway just to clarify my intentions.

I am not saying I'm perfect in my behaviour but this guy reached a real low. I don't mind close to the edge banter that is meant in fun but I do not believe this was.

Here is the game. http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer.aspx?GameID=3248568

The culpret is Combatboots. http://warlight.net/Profile.aspx?p=3814402738
Highly offensive comments by a loser: 10/5/2012 04:36:51

Level 58

Warzone Creator
Please click on his name and click Report. That is the proper place to report players who break the rules - not the forums.
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Discussion is locked - replying not allowed