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2v2 Ladder History: 9/28/2012 23:00:01

Level 59
I figured this would help people who care about who the original great players were and who's been good more recently too...I compiled a list of the teams in the 2v2 Ladder that were ranked #1, as well as for how long...Here it is:
1. 4/30/11-5/1/11 Raginpikey and Nuckluck
2. 5/02/11-5/22/11 Ruthless and Duke
3. 5/23/11-5/25/11 fatguyinalittlecoat and bostonfred
4. 5/26/11-6/28/11 Ruthless and Duke
5. 6/28/11-7/14/11 Blue Precision and Eitz
6. 7/15/11-7/18/11 Heyheuhei and Monsier Chachina
7. 7/19/11-7/20/11 Blue Precision and Eitz
8. 7/21/11-7/28/11
2v2 Ladder History: 9/28/2012 23:36:28

Level 2
Thank you jsa11111!!
This was exactly what I meant in the thread that I have created yesterday.
It would be absolutely great if someone could continue it until the current top team.
And of course doing the same thing for the ladder 1v1 would be even greater:D
Someone made a non-official wiki for clans, I do think that this kind of reward should be given also for the greatest warlight players...
2v2 Ladder History: 9/28/2012 23:39:26

Level 59
I messed this one up...The other thread is the one with all the information on it. I will do it for the 1v1 ladder as well.
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