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Flash: 9/24/2012 15:47:22

Level 9
As flash becomes more of a dying platform, is it possible for warlight to move to a different platform?
Flash: 9/24/2012 16:16:34

Level 56
Well that statement isn't entirely true. Flash for mobile is dead, meaning it won't be updated, but regular flash is still fine. Eventually Flash will disappear, but for now it's fine. The problem is, it's not just Flash that's declining, it's all Rich Internet Scripts. In other words, by the time Flash dies, we'll have HTML6, which will have the same capabilities, so nothing will change. If this was not the case, Adobe would continue Flash.
Flash: 9/24/2012 16:17:18

Level 57
your the first person i have seen on warlight with a facebook profile
Flash: 9/24/2012 16:53:39

Level 58

Warzone Creator
Flash is dying for things like video playback. Note that I say dying, not dead, as even Youtube defaults to Flash still. It will be quite a while before it's dead here.

I'd say it's probably also dying for rich websites -- think restaurants and hotels. It wasn't long ago that the de-facto standard for these was an all-flash website. This will likely change.

However, Flash hasn't even started dying yet for web-based gaming. Go to a site like Kongregate or Armor Games and everything is still virtually 100% Flash. Unity and pure javascript games are few and far between.

It may start dying some day for gaming, but today it's still going very strong. Adobe recognizes this -- if you look at the new features being added to Flash, they're all centered around gaming.

Nevertheless, WarLight has already changed platforms once (it used to be Silverlight), and there's no reason it couldn't change platforms again if it becomes beneficial to do so.
Flash: 9/24/2012 17:42:47

Level 53
If it changed platforms and i did not have the new platform will i be able to play or join the new one.
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