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a player to blacklist.: 9/23/2012 14:00:31

Vanellope von Schweetz 
Level 60

Played today, very rude.

game was over at turn 6, played it to turn 23. wasted hour.

I think we should be able to ban people who behave like this.
a player to blacklist.: 9/23/2012 14:13:19

[WG] Warlightvet 
Level 16
Please link the game as proof or it could just be someone you don't like =p
(i believe you, but some people would do something like that)
a player to blacklist.: 9/23/2012 14:29:45

Level 53
Why can't just ban people because they did things you didn't like so he did not think he had lost and dragged it.Rudeness is the only reason i see for him being blacklisted link anyway.
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