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Notable threads: 9/17/2012 22:56:20

À la recherche du temps perdu 
Level 35
I know it is possible to see also the non-notable threads but I find this new improvement pretty annoying...
But I think that this problem of mine is not so important...

Anyway I still have the impression that this kind of hiding will make all those threads die, and I don't think that this is so right...
But I think that this new thing can be an useful function, even if I don't like the fact that it was imposed to everyone...

So what about putting a button that -as for the open game page- will filter the threads that we want to see?
It would be nice that this filter button will work not only for dividing permanently the notable and non notable threads but also for dividing the threads by categories... For example I'm not intersted at all in map development threads so have a tool who permit me to hide them could be very useful...

I'm waiting for you to make a blog on how this new community function works, but on the other thread you wrote that this new filter may be useful to people who check the community once a week.
Personally when I'm waiting for a game to start, I like to read the community, as a lot of people may do, so I think that personalizing it much more should be done.

Best regards
Notable threads: 9/17/2012 23:33:45

Level 63
Yes, I also see this...

Before posting, please proofread to ensure your post uses proper grammar and is free of spelling mistakes or typos.

Good idea, becuase I have gotten sick of trying to read posts that may have good ideas, but the general grammar and sentence structure is horrible.

However, what you say sounds like a good idea, and I would vote for it on the website.


Bugs forum is completely gone
Forum not accessable now on Apple products...

Any reason for this?
Notable threads: 9/18/2012 06:21:50

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
I'm posting this from an iPod Touch which is only second generation, and it always works on my Mac, so perhaps it's just you.
Notable threads: 9/18/2012 12:34:46

Level 53
@awesomeguy The Bugs forum has been replaced with a Bugs form (http://warlight.net/ReportBug.aspx) found in the contacts page.
Notable threads: 9/18/2012 14:05:08

Level 50
Who are the moderators mentioned in the update blog?
Notable threads: 9/28/2012 18:45:16

Level 60
I have given this a couple weeks and I find this new forum change very annoying too. Especially if you want to post a new thread, but want to search to make sure it doesn't overlap with an existing thread. It takes like 4-5 additional steps to get anywhere.

If the problem is things falling off the first page, then create more subforums to put things in.
Notable threads: 9/29/2012 00:34:12

Level 60
don't really like this "notable threads" thing either. find myself clicking the "show non notable posts" all the time.
Notable threads: 9/29/2012 15:04:22

Level 55
The forums have went from inane to boring. But it should sort itself out when the mysterious mods work out what is actually notable and what isn't. Too many pointless threads are marked as noteworthy whilst more interesting ones languish in the darkness. One possibility for improvement is dropping the mandatory 1 week rule. If a thread is notable it should surely be notable until the interest in it ceases, having a mandatory cut-off forces interesting threads to be consigned to the 'rubbish bin' of non-notable threads with the side effect that pointless threads have to be made notable simply so that the dashboard seems to have activity.

If the mysterious powers that be are open to change then this should simply be a teething problem, if they are not and are set in their ways or following unchangeable guidelines then it will continue to be a problem.
Notable threads: 9/29/2012 15:59:26

Level 58
If you rearranged the top of the dashboard a little, you could fit in the section for notable posts and a section for recent posts.
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