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Ban 1 minute boots?: 6/19/2010 01:16:10

Level 36
Just reading over the forums there is a huge influx of posts regarding getting booted when they were winning. How about we just get rid of the 1 minute boot time all together. 5 min boot games serve the exact same purpose (two players wanting to play a Live game at the same time). The 1 minute boot puts WAY too much stress on not getting booted rather than the actual game.

All that 1 minute boots are doing is bringing out the worst in people and not contributing to the game. I must admit, 5 minutes is PLENTY of time in a standard game to make your move. 1 minute is pushing it, you can't really get your true strategy out because it will take too much time.

Drama = Dumb. Give people less of a chance to be a douche.

I vote to ban 1 minute boot times!

Anyone want to second that?
Ban 1 minute boots?: 6/19/2010 01:24:56

Level 2
Ban 1 minute boots?: 6/19/2010 01:27:43

Level 34
I would support it. The only 1 minute boot times I've seen were for VERY short games, and the boot wasn't enforced even when someone went over. It's just there in case someone is consistently taking forever to play. I don't like to boot people. I want to either win or lose vs. a person, not a clock. However, there are a few that I see in a game and know will probably end up getting booted.
Ban 1 minute boots?: 6/24/2010 18:34:56

Level 5
I like playing with a clock in chess and I play speed chess sometimes -- how about a version of that for WL? You set a time for the game (e.g. 30 minutes)and each player has that amount of time to complete all their moves. You each have a separate clock that runs down whenever it's your turn. If the clock runs out on either player before the game ends, they lose immediately. All chess tournaments are played with a clock that way.

That seems closer to the type of game these fast boot players want. They want the clock to be a factor in who wins and who loses. Why judge them negatively. Just give them the option to play speed WL with each other.

It's frustrating when the server is the cause, but that's relatively rare and people can elect not to play speed WL if the risk of such a problem is too much for them.

I thinkt he problem is that it's a per/turn clock instead of a game clock. If soemone wants to take 5 minutes on a difficult turn and otherwise plays in 30 seconds, that's part of the strategy of using a clock. You also have to make up time if you think overly long about one move and play under pressure. It can add another strategic element to the game.
Ban 1 minute boots?: 6/25/2010 04:40:06

The Impaller 
Level 9
I like the chess clock idea.
Ban 1 minute boots?: 6/26/2010 03:06:04

Level 3
That's awesome.
Ban 1 minute boots?: 6/26/2010 03:15:12

Level 36
Nice suggestion about the chess clock. But I'd still want the 1 min boot time gone. Maybe that can replace it.
Ban 1 minute boots?: 7/7/2010 05:58:44

Level 56
I think the 1 min boot is way tooo fast, but for those who dont want to play a 1 min boot game, they should not choose. If there are people out there who like to play extremely fast games and cause the other player to not have much time to think...why not let them set the rules how they want to? I personally always play 3 min boot games cause I do not want to play a 45 min game with 5 min boots (assuming 15 turns to win) whenever I get a 1 hour lunch break and i have to drive to and from work. If i create a 3 min boot game and someone doesn't complete their turn in 3 min...I will boot. Thats the rules I created and the player im playing agreed to them.
Ban 1 minute boots?: 7/7/2010 10:03:37

Level 4
I'd rather see boot time visible on "open games" and lobby screen, so people aren't forced to go and check settings every time.
This would also reduce amout of people who quit, because they don't want to play long games and couldn't be arsed to check the boot timer.
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