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Template variation: 9/16/2012 18:27:29

Level 60

Normally I find request threads pointless, but since there was a recent update introducing straight round and some other smaller options to making templates, I was wondering about one other change that seems incredibly easy to implement, but would be a great addition to the competetive scene in warlight making tournaments and possibly ladders much more interesting...

Anyway at the moment we can modify bonus values before making the template and we can add random warlords distribution to make the games more intereseting making maps different every time. What I would like to ask can we do the same with bonus values? To be precise, I mean making a random bonus value implementing borderline values before the game. For example on Europe map at the moment we have "Austria worth 3 armies per turn", could we change that small box to "Austria worth from 3 to 3 armies per turn" as a standard setting? That would allow personalised modifications like bonuses ranging from 2 to 3. Of course it'd require some map experience to not overdo that variation, but allowing that setting would bring a new quality to competetive gaming in tournaments or ladders. The 3vs3 ladder topic was mentioned many times, so I'll post what I think would make an incredibly complicated, but with much competetive value, setting with that addition:

3vs3, No Cards, 4 starting territories in random warlords, no wastelands, weighted-round, allowed transfer-only and attack-only, 60/70% offensive/defensive kill rate, 5 base income, overriden bonuses:

Austria from 2 to 3
Baltic States from 3 to 4
Belarus from 4 to 5
Benelux from 2 to 3
Britain from 4 to 5
Bulgaria from 4 to 5
Czech Republic from 4 to 5
Denmark from 1 to 2
Eastern Balkans from 4 to 5
Finland from 3 to 4
France from 6 to 8
Germany from 7 to 10
Greece from 6 to 8
Hungary from 3 to 4
Iceland from 2 to 3
Ireland from 2 to 3
Italy from 6 to 8
Northwestern Russia from 6 to 7
Norway from 3 to 4
Poland from 6 to 8
Portugal from 3 to 4
Romania from 6 to 8
Slovakia from 2 to 3
Southwestern Russia from 5 to 6
Spain from 6 to 7
Sweden from 5 to 6
Switzerland from 1 to 2
Turkey from 4 to 5
Ukraine from 7 to 9
West Central russia from 2 to 3
Western Balkans from 3 to 4
Western Russia from 4 to 5

Of course that could also be implemented to a 1vs1 game (I am pretty confident similar type of setting would be a great addition to strat 1vs1). The good thing is that does not change map structure in terms of attack routes, but it changes bonus values making picking in every game a different challenge. Anyway that seems like something that can be added easily considering random number generator is used in random warlords distribution, shouldn't be any trouble to do the same for bonus values. Anyway let me know guys what do you think about that idea, I really believe that a setting like that would be a much better ladder candidate as a measurement of overall warlight skill, than any other static map.
Template variation: 9/16/2012 18:34:42

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
is this your return to warlight sze?

and good idea, id vote for it if i had any left
Template variation: 9/16/2012 18:44:33

Level 63
It sounds like a good idea seeing as now, in a sense, the bonuses are now more "balanced".
But...would it be 16% luck (the normal), or 0% luck? Or is that already implied seeing as the ladders use 16% luck?

Anyway, like the idea of a 3v3 ladder with this map as well.
Template variation: 9/16/2012 18:54:10

Level 60
The template I proposed here is just an example, I only wanted to send the idea out so that Fizzer could think about it on the next update (variation in bonus values, not 3vs3 ladder). It seems to me it's a very small change from technical point of view, but a major change from gameplay point of view. Implementing a possibility to variate bonus values would result in people trying many different settings, what I proposed here is a probable idea that would have to be tested beforehand.
Template variation: 9/16/2012 19:28:32

Level 54
sounds like a good idea to me
Template variation: 9/16/2012 19:39:13

Level 54
actually i like the new profile picture even more
Template variation: 9/16/2012 21:14:01

Level 46
Welcome back szeweningen! :)

Sure sounds like an interesting concept. I'm afraid it will make the "allow more time for first turn" suggestion even more important (to study the map). ;) I think you should type up a UserVoice suggestion; to the best of my knowledge that's still the preferred way to suggest new features.

ps. You have a really attractive girlfriend. :p
Template variation: 9/17/2012 21:33:09

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
good one!
Template variation: 9/19/2012 02:00:48

Level 6
Adding onto this idea, perhaps there could be a setting to automatically (and randomly) re-evaluate the bonus values using some sort of algorithm. The player could set the "radicalising" constant, which would set how much bonuses would change. The algorithm would also prevent any massive boosts, as well as prevent values of 1 or 2 from changing easily.

But definitely a great idea, sze.
Template variation: 9/19/2012 05:57:57

Level 60
I'm not sure what algorith yuo are talking about.. some sort of drawing from a random number generator based upon Normal distribution with fixed expected value and variation that you can manually set? I'm be more sceptical towards that since on most balanced maps tweaking some bonuses by 1-2 changes the gameplay drastically, with allowing more variation towards that it'd end up most of the bonuses changed by 1-2, but some by 4-5, which inevitably would make picking stage over-centralised around those bonuses... at least that's what I understood from your post. I believe that making the brackets the bonus value would be drawing from would be a bit problematic for huge maps, but is the only way to make a balanced template.
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