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Need someone to test your map?: 6/7/2014 21:04:45

[NL] Willem van Oranje
Level 57
If any mapmaker needs someone to test their map, you can invite me for a game

The only requirement is that it must be a real world map (exist in the real world) or fictional map (map that resembles a fictional country/area) or a local map of a city.
That means I do not like novelty maps (do not even resemble a traditional map) or local maps that resemble a community or a school.
You can find these categories when you select a map for a new game.

When I accept the map and I play it with you (and maybe other players). I will give feedback on the bonusses (position, color, value, size, territories), connections, naming territories, armies,...)
I make my own maps (see my profile) and I know how to make a good map. In the present, there are many advices/tips for how to make a good map. If you have questions about making a good map I can help you.

Please send me a mail if you need someone to test or for help ;)
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