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In general: Maps and settings in Warlight games: 6/7/2014 15:38:41

[NL] Willem van Oranje
Level 57
It occured to me that only a few maps are used for games, while there are more than 1000 maps in warlight and only 50 maps are really popular (and used). How is this possible?

For my own games I use random maps with at least a rating of 2,75 and wich looks attractive to play. Warlight has at least 500 of these maps. I suggest to everyone to try other maps, there are really good maps in warlight and also mapmakers (like me) are pleased if their map is used or if there is usefull feedback to improve their map.

Also settings could be adapted, which can make a game very interesting. Use more cards or use multi-attack, also wastelands or fog settings is fun to change. Make your game special, the advantage is that you'll have more players who wants to join your game. Especially now you can invite more than 5 players (up to 39 players) it makes it really interesting because 117 possible teams/ffa can be chosen.

Please do know that warlight is far more than the standard games that you play every day.
I hope that this message will be usefull for forum readers.
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