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Manipulation/Changes Made on Map?: 9/15/2012 01:07:52

Level 42
Recently, I played 2 games with this person called "Alexander". The link of his profile is below.


In the 2 games I played with him, he manipulated the map so that if players were not careful enough, they would enable him to get the bonuses quick and therefore letting him expand quicker than the other opponents.

Game 1; http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer.aspx?GameID=3161473

Alexander, in this game changes all the bonuses in America,(ex. USA Pacific Coast is worth 13 instead of 4.) Thanks to the quick spotting of my partner, we managed to defeat Alexander, which he then surrendered, however he ended up getting booted.
His teammate surrendered 2 turns later.

Game 2; http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer.aspx?GameID=3161498

In this game, Alexander changes just ONE bonus, but makes it drastically bigger (USA Appalacian Mountains are 30 instead of 4.) My teammate and I manage to overpower him which he promptly surrenders afterward. Again, he gets booted.

I have blacklisted him, I urge everyone else to do the same.

Now, I have some questions.

What can I do to make sure the whole of the Warlight community knows this?
How can I make sure no one else falls into any of Alexander's other traps?

Your comments are greatly appreciated.
Manipulation/Changes Made on Map?: 9/15/2012 01:24:26

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Nothing more to be done. It is a standard 'cheat' that merely requires a modicum of attention from the opposition to overcome. Simply looking at the game settings should ensure his manipulation fails.
Manipulation/Changes Made on Map?: 9/15/2012 04:23:01

Level 49
always check the highlighted settings, easy to spot those 'cheats'
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