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Cheating in FFA?: 9/14/2012 20:36:15

Level 60
This must either be buddies playing a FFA together or someone with two accounts:


I understand having a pact early, but in the middle of the game it is clear something is wrong. Why would green eliminate me from Africa for purple? Even if they have a pact not to attack each other, green should have just let me trash purple.

Complete BS IMO. Does Fizzer check into this type of stuff?
Cheating in FFA?: 9/14/2012 21:21:54

Level 58
this game was over for green, and they didnt want to attack each other, maybe brothers, or people playing at the same place
Cheating in FFA?: 9/14/2012 23:25:16

Level 60
Right, it was over at end, but you are making my point I guess.

Is it cheating (or at least dirty) to play FFA with friends/double accounts, etc?

Doesn't really matter I guess since I black listed them.
Cheating in FFA?: 9/15/2012 04:24:36

Level 56
FFA is what it stands for a 'Free For All',
Anything goes.

This is why many players do not play FFA, as they are terribly frustrating.
Cheating in FFA?: 9/15/2012 06:59:56

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
double accounts are illegal (the same person having more then one impact on the game)

but friends, clan members etc can help each other if they want
Cheating in FFA?: 9/15/2012 07:04:01

Level 55
I think are completely wrong here chris. I would of attacked you too if I had an early alliance with purple. You we were right next to his europe bonus. only a poor player would of left you there to cause havoc.
Cheating in FFA?: 9/15/2012 12:06:01

{rp} General Mac 
Level 53
yes it can be annoying Chris but i wouldnt say it was a double account etc

some people just prefer to hold onto an allience till the end. its not always the right way to win but quite a lot of people dont like turning their back on an early allience even if it means they wont win.

its always hard in Real time as you just dont have the time to chat tactics but if it had been Multi day i would have been chatting to him in private chat trying to convince him to break the allience
Cheating in FFA?: 9/15/2012 12:14:49

Level 30
You CAN have multiple accounts, but not in such a way that gives any of the accounts advantage in games (like this case).
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