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App: 6/7/2014 02:26:44

Revolution X
Level 16
I take this time to thank fizzer for creating this app!!! I love war light and am so happy to be on android. I feel though there are a few problems which make it hard for me to use... Private messaging is very difficult. You do not know if you got message as it does not show the little message icon. Why can't you make tournaments on app? Why can't you not go on forum on App but you have to go back to web to do this action.

But still I think This is a brilliant app which I thank for but needs little improving and sorting. Love War
light and will always will..
App: 6/7/2014 07:53:55

Level 58

Warzone Creator
You can tell if you have private messages on the My Games page (it will say Unread Private Messages), or you can filter for it with the Options button. If you're in the game, the Chat button will be flashing.

Forums and tournaments will hopefully be added to the app some day. Tournaments especially, since there's no way to do that on phones at all. Forums are a lower priority since they can be done, it just requires switching apps.
App: 6/8/2014 07:03:26

Level 57
My main request would be to implement territory linking a la ctrl-click within the app, the lack currently makes team games on large maps quite an exercise. Everything else has a work around.
App: 6/8/2014 11:09:11

Level 56
Yeh, the lack of tournaments on the app makes it very difficult to play with a few of my friends who primarily use their apps.
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