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rigged ffa's: 6/7/2014 00:45:24

Level 41

in both games two of the same players, which are playing as a team from turn one; in the end, one player let's the other guy win;
both players have very similar stats, so would not surprize me at all if this would be one and the same person;

since both games are 4-ffa's, this makes out of a supposed 4-ffa a 2v1v1 game;

I'm aware the game creator is very reluctant to do anything about this; still since I'm witnessing this type of "strategy" more and more, I'm just pointing out that this kind of scum leaves a game without any interest - 2v1v1 I start the game and win, very funny haha;

some people will just stop playing this game, if these kind of games keeps occurring frequently;

I'm surely not spending any money if stuff like this is being tolerated;

Player names are Christer and Mekkmer - bl them and don't join their games;
Posts 1 - 1 of 1