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Warzone Idle spreadsheet!: 8/26/2020 07:30:59

Level 58
For anyone interested, here is a chart I am compiling to know exactly which is the stuff that pays better:


At the moment the values are f*** up, because I compiled it with values from "while playing", meaning that there are % from TECH levels added to the values.
As soon as I'll begin with a new map, I'll fill in all original values (map start), and then I'll add the options with the increased % selling prices coming from TECH research.
The spreadsheet does NOT keep into account the PERMANENT UPGRADES.
I'll probably add this in the future... if there will be a way to get back to the initial values!

For all the rest (smelting times, etc.), there's Mastercard.

P.s.: BTW, don't forget that if you have a Google account, you can always duplicate the sheet in your Drive and change the values to your pleasure.

Edited 8/26/2020 07:53:01
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