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16th Century West Africa: 8/23/2020 13:13:02

Level 57
Hi all.

I'm happy to show off my map of West Africa in the 16th century: https://www.warzone.com/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=81241.

The region has gotten little attention from historical map makers so far, even though there was all kinds of awesome shit happening.

It was difficult to represent all the small city-state kingdoms (often vassalised by large empires): I did want every kingdom to have its own bonus, but I also know a lot of people hate 1-territory bonuses.
I've compromised between a lot of 1-territory bonuses (with 0-income, so easy to ignore) and some larger overlord-bonuses or bonuses based on ethnicity.
Any feedback is welcome, of course.

I know my maps are often deemed confusing, so I dropped some additional concepts:
- Bonuses for trade routes between gold fields and salt mines
- A delayed Moroccan invasion from the north
- Fast movement over the region's rivers
Here, too, thoughts are appreciated!

I'll be doing some last amendments and checks. Let me know your thoughts!
16th Century West Africa: 8/23/2020 13:27:44

Level 61
It's a very confusing, very irrelevantly large map. However, it's interesting and I like the bonus numbers on the bottom to clarify things. Should there be a "Morocco" province to clarify this? ((and the like.))
16th Century West Africa: 8/23/2020 14:00:08

Level 56
Looks nice but confusing, you need to highlight the territories and lower down the background contrast.
16th Century West Africa: 8/23/2020 14:54:36

Level 57
I know my maps are often seen as confusing

It's a very confusing map

Looks nice but confusing

At least I'm used to it!

In all seriousness, making the territories more visible is something I can definitely do. Thanks.
16th Century West Africa: 8/24/2020 11:47:16

Level 45
Yeah, its really hard to see the territories
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