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Experiment for an experienced map maker: 8/22/2020 01:45:37

Level 60
To test the possibility, make a map, as basically and simply as possible, in another program besides Inkscape, and try an svg converter and see if Warzone accepts it.

Post results. Please and thank you.




Experiment for an experienced map maker: 8/22/2020 06:13:20

Level 57
It doesn't, unless you use another vector based illustration program (such as Adobe Illustrator).
Long explanation below:

I think (also from your other questions) that you misunderstand the difference between vector illustrations and raster illustrations.

Raster illustrations are the "normal" ones, where you paint with pixels. You basically tell every pixel what colour they are, and that's it.
If you draw a circle, the program doesn't know it's a circle. It doesn't know that the circle has an inside and an outside. You can't select the circle, either.
If you draw a line through this circle, the program doesn't know that you now have "two halves": it just knows some pixels now have different colours.

Vector illustrations work very different. They do not work with pixels, but with "objects". If you draw a circle in Inkscape (or any other vector program) it knows this is a circle. You can select the circle, give it a name, make it larger or smaller, etc.
If you split the circle, Inkscape knows you now have two objects instead of one - and you can select either, give them names, etc.
That's why vector is so useful for things like Warzone. All you have to do is make an object, give it a name ("Territory_18"), and the svg file can tell Warzone: this is a separate object and this is its name.

Pixel art can't do that. Pixel art can only tell Warzone: here's a bunch of pixels, figure it out. Which is why it doesn't work.

SVG converters take all the pixels from pixel art and try to make paths and objects from them. Since you can't tell pixel drawings which parts are separate objects, the svg converter won't know either. SVG converters are useful to give files the .svg extension, but they require a lot of clean-up before you can use them for vector drawings.
Pixel drawings are so fundamentally different from vector drawings that it's less work to use a vector program from the start.
Experiment for an experienced map maker: 8/22/2020 14:50:25

Level 60
Thank you.
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