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Intense Lag: 6/3/2014 22:04:41

Drunken Idiot
Level 25
Lag on non members seems to be rather weird.

I logged into a friends account to finish a RT game for him recently because he had to leave. His account lagged so bad it was literally unplayable.

I recently made this account because I was curious what % of autogames I could win if I played solely autogames. Game 1 was fine. Game 2 was so bad that I only won because Pooh is a bro. I gave him the chance to boot me almost every single turn because it took several minutes for the turn to load each turn.

It's not my internet connection, if I switch to a member account there's absolutely no similar lag.

Yes, I know, some people are going to say this is great, that it deters people from using alts, but it also deters new players from sticking around, which is definitely not what the game needs.
Intense Lag: 6/3/2014 22:11:54

Drunken Idiot
Level 25
It's blatantly obvious, examples:

http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=6355682 My average turn was 1 minute.

http://warlight.net/MultiPlayer?GameID=6355726 My average turn was 3 minutes, with some turns as long as 7 minutes. None of the turns took me more than 5-10 seconds to actually play, it was all the turn loading, and ending.
Intense Lag: 6/3/2014 22:53:27

Level 8
It has been mentioned many times before...

Are you using the same browser to run both accounts?
The speed of the Warlight servers vary with traffic, where you playing on both accounts at roughly the same time?

I've had this issue, it turns out it was a combination of these that was the cause - the same with quite a few others.
Use the same browser for both and if you experience lag switch onto your member account straight away and see if it is lagging too.
Intense Lag: 6/3/2014 23:15:51

Drunken Idiot
Level 25
They were played on different browsers.
Intense Lag: 6/4/2014 10:37:19

Level 60
Yeah, I have the same problem with my accounts. Now there is something, that will completely blow your mind:

Recently I've invited my friend to a Warlight. At the beginning everything was just fine, but once he logged in on my PC, his account started to lag like you mentioned. But there is another interesting fact: I have an alt Pinky, and ever since, it was lagging like hell. And then suddenly it stopped to lag. Bah, sometimes it's even faster, than my maim account with member.
It's not a case of a browser or internet connection or even PC. I gave password to pinky to my friend and he confirmed, that it's running smoothly on his PC as well.

I have no idea what is the source of it and why some non-member accounts are lagging, while others are running smoothly...
Intense Lag: 6/4/2014 17:14:55

Level 1
sorry its my spam thats doing it hahahaha
Intense Lag: 6/4/2014 18:00:18

The Great Pulsius 
Level 57
If Fizzer's alt tracker determines that a group of accounts are likely alts (meaning, they have been logged into from the same IP address), then each of those will get a lag except those that are membership accounts.
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