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Leveling help!: 6/3/2014 04:09:10

[GRID] Destroyer13579
Level 35
Please help..

I play games every single day, and m rating has been the same for weeks now!! I don't know how to level it up! I wanna get to level 29 to unlock the world nations 2012 map.

Also a question:

If i buy membership, will it unlock maps for me to use?
Leveling help!: 6/3/2014 05:01:05

Level 58

Warzone Creator
You remember that white message that keeps appearing that tells you you're losing points? You should read it :) http://wiki.warlight.net/index.php/Ad_error

Membership doesn't unlock maps. It does, however, allow you to play ad-free and ad-blocker-penalty free.

Edited 6/3/2014 05:06:19
Leveling help!: 6/3/2014 09:25:41

Level 56
Also, as far as I'm aware there are only three ways to gain points to level up. You may not be doing them:

Win games
Maintain a high place in a ladder (or finish high in the seasonal ladder)
Unlock achievements

As a general rule if you don't win games, no matter how many you play, you won't level up fast.
But since the only way to really improve this is watching games and practising you'd be doing the correct thing by playing lots of games.

But, as Fizzer said - if you have an ad-blocker running all of this is next to useless.
If you have trouble with finding out what's causing ads to be blocked visit http://wiki.warlight.net/index.php/Ad_error

If you're completely sure you've worked through the troubleshooter and still have problems visit http://warlight.net/ReportBug
Leveling help!: 6/3/2014 12:21:42

Beren • apex 
Level 63
You also get points for winning tournaments. But the general message is don't run Adblock and win games.
Leveling help!: 6/3/2014 21:24:28

[GRID] Destroyer13579
Level 35
Oh! I do have ad blocker plus...

I'll try disabling it.

Thanks everyone! :)
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