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Bottom Pop-Up window is immense!!! LOL: 2020-08-03 21:24:53

Sasquatch Bohogotot 
Level 59
I would like to talk about the bottom Pop-Up window.

There is a great deal of space wasted on the bottom i feel , placing these 2 side by side would be great.
1) Is it possible to have CHANGE RECIPE on one side or the other and have Smelters/Crafters Pop-Up on the other side filling the Black Area up and alleviating the need to always move the CHANGE RECIPE window out of the way.
Do not know about you guys, but I like to see both cause you can see your ore counts while you are deciding.

2) This could be the same for the Market, something I have never taken advantage of yet cause items are way to high priced. 400% mark up is a lot. I am told it gets better later? I hope it does not increase in cost like other things, the bonus AP points?

3. Finishing up on The Siege of Feldmere, 6 days-5 hours. Learned many new great strategies to use now. Over 7B made.

4. These have helped a lot as well getting me through faster. I have upgraded these advancements:
1. Increased Army Camp Production 70%.
2. Increased Ore Sell Values 45%.
3. Discounted Mine Upgrades 9%.
4. Increased Idle Time. 30 min.

Mountains of money now, run out of all mercenaries 2/3rds into game. I feel money is what you need to get anything, so I took the income increase first method.


Edited 8/4/2020 20:16:47
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