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Warlympics Pool: 9/1/2012 16:27:32

dunga • apex 
Level 57
Hey guys, as you know, my goal is to make warlympics a quick tournament that will end about 45 after it started.
For that i will need some rushing players rules. For that i will use mainly boot times.
Games are already pretty fast paced themselfs, and some have only 1 turn durations, while the most of them take less than 10 turns to finish a game.

Also, there will be 4 types of event.
1. LIVE events: Real-Time games, the tournaments will have 20 min to 4 hours duration (depending the event).
2. Time Gap Events: Its events were you have to score points (not against oponents), you will have a few hours to sign in and make your turns LIVE. (you will be done with it from 10 to 20 minutes).
3. Fast paced multidays (rare): some events to simulate endurance will have booting times of a 12 hours.
4. Multidays: 26 hours (most common) and 48 hours(a few) to make your turns.

I want to ask you two things.:

1. Knowing that the greenwhich time is now , what (greenwhich) time gaps would you like me to use for creating and for the duration of the live games?
Initially i was thinking between 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM (greenwhich), but we can have many different, because there is vast selection of events.

2. The same thing to the Gap events, what greenwhich time gaps will work out the best for you.

The things are going in a good pace, I think a few more weeks and we will be ready to start.
Warlympics Pool: 9/1/2012 16:27:55

dunga • apex 
Level 57
now is 4:28 PM greenwhich
Warlympics Pool: 9/1/2012 17:49:19

Level 53
is any events on now ? and what is the max events you are allowed ? in and how is overall winner of the warlympics decided?
Warlympics Pool: 9/1/2012 17:50:06

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
im happy with 4-9pm GMT
Warlympics Pool: 9/1/2012 18:11:12

Level 58
ironheart - 1. no (other than testing) 2. the answer is on the original warlympics announcement page, 3. i assume will be like how in the olympics the country leaderboard is composed (either number of gold or number of total medals).
Warlympics Pool: 9/6/2012 21:49:17

Level 23
I think 4-9pm GMT is great.
I love reading some spoilers from the event. 1 turn games?? I'm wondering how it is going to be.
Warlympics Pool: 9/6/2012 22:45:41

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
one-turn-events might be jumps (as long jump)
[Just a guess, i'm not involved)
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