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Map of the week discussion: Week 287: 7/25/2020 21:09:48

Level 63

Warzone Creator

Every week we vote on 5 maps, and the map with the most votes becomes the map of the week for the following week.

Go here to vote: https://www.Warzone.com/MapOfTheWeek/View?Week=287

You can use this thread to discuss the current vote. Tell us why you voted the way you did!
Map of the week discussion: Week 287: 7/25/2020 21:10:04

Level 59
your back
Map of the week discussion: Week 287: 7/27/2020 22:01:32

Level 61
All right! Everyone play on and vote for my map, Kadiir Valley. Give it a thorough review and give it your vote. Will be hosting tournament. Thanks.

Tournaments for map,


1st game is 4-player FFA 200 coins
2nd game is 3v3 100 coins

Both are free to join!

Tournaments have started. In the map details you can read a brief description of Kadiir Valley. The map is big and poses for some good strategic maneuvering. It sets a precedence imo over all other maps in the contest. Thanks for your honest opinions and I sincerely hope to get the votes needed to clench the victory. Appreciate those who endorse me.

Been into Real Maps lately, check out my profile for more and encourage others to make your own maps. Good luck.

Edited 7/28/2020 22:39:32
Map of the week discussion: Week 287: 7/28/2020 19:39:54

Level 46
I will vote for kadiir valley
Map of the week discussion: Week 287: 8/1/2020 13:29:02

Level 31
Oh wow there's my 1000AD HRE map... Nice :)
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