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Thoughts and opinions: 8/30/2012 13:47:29

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
what does everyone think of season 5?

not many people have commented on the blog so ive posted here to see what people think about the new settings.
Thoughts and opinions: 8/30/2012 13:59:08

Level 46
I really like it.It's very new to me and I had not practiced at all for it but the map/settings are fun.
Few things:
-Recon card is weird to have but quite useful
-Success relies heavily on picks and the expansion. Nevertheless there is much room to flank and to also use the blockade cards effectively
-Settings themselves; 0% luck meaning 3v2 success is great - backs my previous point of the importance of picking and expansion

Overall, it's something different. Something new. It helps WL's players to "stay awake", i.e. to keep playing.
Thoughts and opinions: 8/30/2012 14:07:25

Level 55
I skipped season 4 because it was on Strategic Earth and I think the membership competitions are inundated with that map. So anything on a new map like season 3 I am happy to play - as doggy rightly says the change is welcomed.
Thoughts and opinions: 8/30/2012 14:12:07

Level 60
i like the map and the settings. had played it before a couple of times but not in these settings.
curiously enough the only practice game i had in that map was with a much worse player which i overestimated and ended up losing :D and now on the ladder i'm so far beating players i have lost against in the past :)

still not too sure about the way seasonal ladder is calculated though. it bugs my brain that you can win all your matches and still not get placed 1st. because it depends on who you beat and how well they fared besides your match. it feels like if you come later into the season ladder you'll have an advantage, since by then most of the players you'll match will already have had their first loses and know they have no chance of ending on top 10 so they don't play as cautiously.

perhaps it would make more sense to be able to keep having matches and your best 20 be used to calculate the rating. so if you fare badly you would have an incentive to keep trying to beat top tier folks. and the top tier folks keep defending themselfs. but i guess some people would figure out a way to stop accepting games and get an advantage with that. oh well, just a thought.
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