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Where are all of you at now?: 7/20/2020 23:21:38

Sasquatch Bohogotot 
Level 59
@ K-PX now,

As far as rate of speed to play, there are many slow down factors in place in the game. I saw that you get up too 2 hours off line accumulation? If this is true, maybe this is one factor that can be extended more to help get further in the game in a little less time. No limit would not work, maybe 3,4,or 5 hours would work?

Yes, the same or even more monies could be collected for Warzone if it was a little more time friendly.

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Where are all of you at now?: 7/21/2020 00:20:45

Aura Guardian 
Level 62
You have to go to the game you played and click the back arrow in the top left.

See: https://www.warzone.com/Forum/434307-arena-game-progress-ve-already-won


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