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A Parachute or Airborne Card: 8/28/2012 22:43:08

Mr. Wilson
Level 41
I was thinking. The concept of the Airborne unit is not really used in this game. I think it would be interesting if there were an Airborne or Parachute card.

I haven't given this enough thought to really work it out, but my initial thoughts are:

1. Can only used on neutral territories.
2. Like any attempt to take a territory it would be subject to the game's rules re luck, number of units, etc.

Any thoughts?
A Parachute or Airborne Card: 8/29/2012 05:32:33

Clifford The Big Red Dog 
Level 37
What if you use it on a territory you think is neutral but ends up being owned by somebody, would you lose the card and also if you did lose the card but not the troops it alerts you to where they are
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