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New Map Dropping Tonight: 7/13/2020 04:07:41

Captain Hungwell
Level 33
Fellas, there's a new map coming out tonight. My apprentice, @The Rash, made it and I got the sneak peak a few minutes ago and all in all it looks pretty mediocre to us more advanced players, but that is not the point of this message. The point of this messege is to invite everyone to try it out and give it the best rating possible. He plays warzone all the time but he's not that good. I've tried to teach him everything I know, but the kid continues to rely on reinforcement cards and spawn every game and he is usually eliminated by turn 6. (When he plays Taco he goes for the shell first to give you an idea.....)The constant disappointment has made him so depressed, so I told him to try to focus on making maps. I only continue to play with him because he pays me.He isn't good at sports or school and has no hobbies besides warzone, but ever since he started playing he has hid the game from his parents. He always felt too embarrassed to tell them (probably because all of his siblings are into the cool game like scrabble and sorry!) But when he completed making his map he felt confident and good enough about himself to finally show his parents his new addiction. But they had the opposite reaction. When he came out to his parents they disapproved of his new lifestyle and told him to stop playing with "the boys" and demanded him to focus on girls. (To be honest I totally understand where their coming from something is wrong with him) @The Rash (aka: @PlayerX) has been going through a rough patch lately and I would appreciate if everyone gives it a good rating so the kid can have something. The name of the Map is "Land of a Thousand Rats". Thanks.
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