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Graphical glitch when map making: 7/7/2020 07:05:50

Level 34
Hi all,

I am making a map, and in the Warzone map editor, one of my territories has a seemingly random blue gradient across the top of it and it only goes way when I zoom in on the map a lot. Is there some explanation for why this happens and how to possibly get rid of it either in the Warzone map editor or in the inkscape program?

Also will this glitch appear for others on this map, or is it just something visible to me as the creator in the map editor?

Image for reference: https://imgur.com/hUJNc7a

Graphical glitch when map making: 7/7/2020 07:57:11

Level 61
I've seen glitches frequently in warzone where territories seem to bug out. They're still in play. I'd go in and make sure you've done everything normally. Check your nodes and double check. I don't think it will go away unless you fix it. What you can do is take the first link in the link for sharing and follow it. It gives a relative idea of how your map will look in warzone.

For example https://www.warzone.com/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=89105
Posts 1 - 2 of 2