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Let's make this a Summer to remember for WarZone: 7/6/2020 14:43:45

Level 58
I haven't got much pinned down yet, but if you would like to help to organise an online version of a Warzone Open, I'm forming an event team on Discord.


For anyone who hasn't heard of the Warzone Open concept before, a host or multiple hosts set up an event in their local area then invite people to join them for a few competitions, food and other activities. Given this is an online event, we will need more people than usual behind the event to keep it running smoothly, therefore I am looking for people with an interest or experience in:

  • Event organisation (scheduling, reaching out to other interested parties)
  • Moderation (chat monitoring, resolving disputes)
  • Broadcasting (allowing people to watch the event)

Let's make this a Summer to remember for WarZone. https://discord.gg/z9mwepz

Edited 7/6/2020 14:44:05
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