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The Yeti - Strategy for Gold: 2020-07-03 19:58:40

Level 54
If anyone is there....

Any tips on getting gold star in The Yeti level... (i.e. finish by round 27)

It's apparently possible according to this old thread:

I can't even do better than round 35!

Here's link to the level:

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The Yeti - Strategy for Gold: 2020-08-01 11:46:48

Level 27
Hey, I struggled with it too. Took me quite a few attempts to get there. My first attempt was 47 turns but I beat it yesterday in 25. I uploaded it on youtube, maybe it helps ;)

The Yeti - Strategy for Gold: 2020-08-04 14:18:05

Level 54
But I wish I saw your reply sooner; I had given up checking for a response. I just came back here because I finally beat the level, and wanted to share some tips.
I saw your video... I left a question in comment there, if you don't mind answering.

Good thing you recorded your playback though, and thank you!
I was gonna record my replay, but I accidentally tapped the 'return to levels' arrow at round 6 into my recording... and lost the replay. I could not find a way to get replays of previously played levels. :(
The Yeti - Strategy for Gold: 2020-08-04 16:51:39

Level 54
TIPS (for those who need some, like I did)

After at least 50 tries (!), I came up with some strategy that got me to a point where I consistently nearly beat the level... meaning that the only thing missing by that point was just the right amount of luck. The following tips are probably applicable for getting Gold in all Warzone levels, but especially useful for levels like this one that is very dependant on luck... so the little left in your power should be airtight.

Note: Of course following this strategy below is not required to beat this level for Gold star. For instance, the playback video posted by Proof above doesn't seem to follow my tactics, but the principles and key conditions occurred in order for him to win.

First... General Observations

    • Yeti has to be down to ~270 by turn 15, in order for you to have enough troops to beat him by turn 27. But this goal is fully dependant on luck i.e. Yeti's battles with your other opponents. (see bottom for my 'likely-to-win' Yeti strength gauge)
    • Yeti always prefers to attack the other opponents rather than you.
    • Yeti's attacks make no sense. Imagine you have 3 territories surrounding the Yeti (e.g 12, 5, 1 troops)... Before playing this level, I believed the boss would most likely attack the largest troops (i.e. the 12) or at least middle (5), but I seen people say it's the opposite.. that bosses typically attack the smallest/neutral troop. This level showed me that it's all random!
    • Reinforcement card depends on territory conquers of course, so there's reinforcement schedule for Yeti (since he always conquers a territory per turn), and there's also bonus reinforcements for him (see schedule below)
    • Play-order is either on an odd number or even number schedule... pay attention to what schedule you're on each game, as it can be useful.

That said...
My Key Strategy: Use other opponents troops to my own advantage as much as possible, and save my troops for the end.

1. Use defensive tactic. Defender loses less, so let them attack me first. Delay my attacks by first playing 2 or 3 troop transfers, unless... (see point 5b)
2. Quickly conquer half of map by turn 10 (i.e. be receiving at least 22 armies deployment), then slow down. However continue to....
3. Conquer at least one territory per turn to get card pieces.
4. Leave some other opponents around Yeti for him to attack them (instead of me), with this tactic I am more likely to lead him into an ideal corner. Also, this allows for more opportunity for damage to Yeti by the other opponents troops.
5. Aim maximum damage directly to Yeti, not his troops... but contain them; do not let them live past 3 rounds.
-- 5a. Do NOT attack Yeti's reinforcements on the round they spawn, they typically don't attack until the next round. (see reinforcement schedule below)
-- 5b. In a turn where I get first-play order, if I believe Yeti will attack a certain territory (mine or another opponent's), conquer/transfer to that territory using a large troop ... so he crashes into my large troop.
6. Use your reinforcement and airlift cards only for strategic moves (close to end after 15), or when necessary).
7. Goal: get Yeti at a point/corner where he crashes into a large enough troop to bounce him back/damage him badly, and then I attack him at his original/conquered territory using same set or another set of large troop.
--7b. Extra tip for this: Get Yeti in position where his only option is to attack your huge troop...That is, he's surrounded by his own territories, and just one of yours). E.g. See turn 23 in Proof's video: https://youtu.be/f09HGtDSdiE?t=884

Reinforcement Card Schedule
Yeti: Turn 11, 16, 21, 26 (unlikely to attack with reinforcements)
○ Bonus: 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 (more likely attack with reinforcements)
Me: Turn 6, 12, 18, 24... (only true if I conquer territory at each round)

Yeti Strength Gauge... for likelihood to win Gold by round 27
(range is "doing okay" to "awesome! very likely")
• Turn 5: 374 - 344
• Turn 10: 348 - 284
• Turn 15: 270 - 250
• Turn 20: 200 - 150

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The Yeti - Strategy for Gold: 2020-08-04 16:57:08

Level 60
and here was I who joined thinking this was a special strategy to earn coins
The Yeti - Strategy for Gold: 2020-08-04 17:02:34

Level 54
Sorry Rick... we are just nerdy noobs trying to get all gold stars in single player levels... haha
The Yeti - Strategy for Gold: 2020-08-04 17:08:51

Level 58
Singleplayer gold stars are to easy, but i got bored of how stupid the AI is after level 23.

Does the levels get any more difficult or fun after level 60 or just the same old finding the optimal path?
The Yeti - Strategy for Gold: 2020-08-04 18:16:12

Level 54
True, most gold stars are easy but I've encounter a few that stumped me, and quite a few tries to beat. This level 60 being by far the most difficult so far.
The difficulty is random because past level 35, it's all user-created levels... rather than the developer's.

I know what you mean about finding the optimal path. The bots are still just as stupid... but I find that difficulty hinges on the level's randomness/number of scenarios (opponents' predetermined paths). This give a less predictable game (more like human players) which in turn would need more luck to beat.

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The Yeti - Strategy for Gold: 2020-08-04 18:37:24

Level 58
So after level 35 it is user-levels, never knew that.

And i had a 18 turn game going on level 23, but since i prioritized speed over accurate gameplay, i failed at killing the commander on the last turn because i let the ai take to many bonuses.

I stopped playing after that since i was tired of sp.

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