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Season V - Recon Card: 8/23/2012 17:35:33

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 60
I've never really looked at games close enough before to care where reinforcement cards are played, but now that they're incorporated into the season game, I like to go back and review the histories to see where the reinf cards were played, as that lends to a lot of the strategy.

My Problem is:
-I can never find where the recon card is played without searching the whole map.

I see the territory name in the history, but that just means I have to review the whole map to see where he played the card. I can be a fun adventure to see if they play the card where I would have played it, but...

Does anyone know of a way to find an unfamiliar territory?

Perhaps history can have a fog feature (I believe there is a UV for this already).
Perhaps the territory names in history for cards can be clickable, or it highlights the territory when the card is played there?
Season V - Recon Card: 8/23/2012 19:07:14

Level 58
click settings and then "search bonuses and territories".
Season V - Recon Card: 8/30/2012 14:21:18

Level 60
would be nice if when you click the recon card on the orders list the territory would be automatically highlighted in the map.
somehow i thought it already was but apparently not.
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