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Warlight and me: 8/22/2012 18:03:57

Dr. TypeSomething 
Level 3
So I assume I will be lambasted for being corny and cheesy. But I have spent a lot of time on here, and really appreciate the game, and want to thank Fizzer. And because the forum could use some fluffy bunnies and warm fuzzies. And perhaps I want to torture everybody with a long, probably boring story. tl;dr I think is the way people say it.

A few years back I get an email from a friend from undergrad entitled "So it's been a long time since we sat down to play a game of Risk...". And he was right. It had probably been about 10 years. That group of friends was dispersed around the globe, so sitting down to play a board game obviously wasn't happening. But I like Risk. We would spend the entire night yelling at each other and getting "mad" at each other for backstabbing, all while preparing to backstab somebody else. Seven hours later, somebody would win. It was great.

But when I got the email invitation to Warlight, I didn't think much of it. I have never been an on-line gamer. I have literally never gotten into a game, unless you count fantasy sports. So I signed up because my friends did, and when I had to come up with a user name I didn't have one handy because I don't regularly sign up for things online, and I just needed to type something, so I went with the extremely clever "TypeSomething". I thought nothing of it. We started with a 6 player FFA. Within 2 turns I was hooked. We all were. I now know that game was played horribly, and with horrible settings (we played auto-distribution on the Earth map and the player that won started out with both the USAs and Canada and won easily). But we were all hooked. We played quite a few FFAs, with winner choosing the next map. I loved it.

But something happened that ruined our FFAs. Backstabbing in Warlight was quite different from backstabbing when we were all sitting around the table playing in real life. I am not sure what it is... perhaps because you aren't endlessly shaking dice and it is so final in Warlight. Perhaps because you can't do it laughingly... it just happens. But people got really mad at each other. It got to the point that friendships of 20+ years were threatened. So we decided we couldn't do this. We decided that the only way we could ever play was with anonymous accounts. We tried to figure out ways to set up fake emails and randomly assign them to people. It was too much work. Everybody but me and J Russ quit Warlight entirely (Fizzer, this is the one thing that I think is really needed in Warlight. The same thing happened with a second group of people that I invited. They couldn't handle the backstabbing and needed to be anonymous. I don't know if this is a unique to me, but I put all my votes in the UserVoice for that and none for anything else because I think its extremely important). I'm glad J Russ stayed because he's hilarious and it's nice to have a real-life friend here too.

Warlight is the best video game I have ever played. Period. No qualifiers necessary. Like I said, I am not one to be into online games. But this game is perfect for me. I like that I can take my turns when I want. I can regulate the amount of time I want to spend. And there is a huge variety, and being a "medium earth specialist" I don't even take advantage of it. And despite playing it, on the same settings now for a long time, I still find each game fun. Burnout hasn't happened, though going into a losing tailspin can be frustrating and has caused me to briefly quit the ladder a couple times. I don't know what makes games go viral, but I really feel this game should. It has something for everybody. Somebody can play 3000 games in 3 months if they want. Or they can play a few hundred in three years like myself. People can make maps. There are a variety of settings. You can play with your friends, you can play with random people, or you can play with your enemies. It's just... great. I really expect that instead of getting stupid updates on facebook about how much corn or sheep somebody has, we will be getting updates on Warlight. But hell, what do I know about gaming? I just know this game is really good.

I also have to thank Warlight for helping me get through my doctorate. The last few years of almost any doctorate are pretty brutal, and distractions are actually necessary (in moderation of course, and Warlight is perfect for me because you can play in moderation). I started getting into this with 2-3 years to go. I won the membership tournament, despite having only played 50 games and played players who were (and still are like HHH) clearly better than me. Warlight was a welcome stress relief. When I did finish my doctorate, I changed my name to Dr. TypeSomething. Usually I make fun of people who like to puff up their chest and act like they are all that because they are a doctor. This is the only scenario in my life in which I did so, mostly because I actually felt like Warlight helped. And well... I had to do it somewhere. Why not online where I don't know anybody and nobody cares? But, perhaps deservedly so, that has made me a lighting rod and was probably a bad idea. But I think Warlight was responsible in some small part in me finishing a very difficult task, so I give it my salute.

In any case, I want to than Fizzer for this amazing game. I really hope that it takes off. It is obvious that you know what you are doing, and I hope that also translates to the marketing side of things as well. When I say this is the best game I have ever played I truly mean it, and wish i the best. Thank you.

Warlight and me: 8/22/2012 18:16:18

Level 49
"cool story bro" I think is the way people say it.
Warlight and me: 8/22/2012 18:20:25

Level 49
I have one honest question though: how do/did you manage to play in moderation?
Warlight and me: 8/22/2012 18:22:28

J Russell Mikkelsen 
Level 4
So, do we all post our warlight stories in this thread? 'Cause that'd be a cool thread. I liked this story a lot 'cause I'm in it.

My story is the same as Dr Typesomething's. Except for the doctorate part. I don't have that.
Warlight and me: 8/22/2012 18:33:00

Level 63
:) Good Story, and I also thank Fizzer (for the 100th time, but it never gets old).
Actually never played Risk before joining WL, just happened to find it on Armour Games
Warlight and me: 8/22/2012 19:09:00

Level 55
Warlight: Good to play while day-trading, listening to music or the news or studying languages, when wife is away, instead of womanizing, while I am exiled and unable to finish a PhD.

Maybe the sciences need a respite like this. But once I get back in a university setting, I doubt I'll play games and would prefer to be in the libraries reading the books I currently don't have access to.
Warlight and me: 8/22/2012 19:44:35

Level 46
If you are into science, I suggest you check out google scholar or something alike. Some very intriguing primary and secondary articles about just about anything that is of interest to you. I am not sure if you have free access to those forums though. Definitely worth checking out though.
Warlight and me: 8/22/2012 21:10:52

Ⓖ. Ⓐrun 
Level 57
My story is pretty short

One day i was on arcadeprehacks (which has tons of game unhacked too) and i saw a game called WarLight on the top 10. I clicked on it and i was surprised to see it was a strategy game (there aren't many good strategy games on arcadeprehacks). I completed the tutorial, and found it was relatively simple to understand (now i know its harder to master!). I saw a link on it taking me to the site and decided to test myself more. I began my multiplayer career. A couple of months ago, I bought a membership as a birthday treat for myself for two reasons;
1) I wanted the extra features (and I knew it wouldn't go to waste as I love the game).
2) I wanted to thank Fizzer for this incredible site he has created, by himself.

I'd also like to thank the WarLight community, especially for their support in the bugs report area.
Warlight and me: 8/22/2012 21:35:08

{rp} Clavicus Vile 
Level 55
What a lovely post! Well said Dr. .
Warlight and me: 8/22/2012 21:50:35

{rp} hay 
Level 37
Nice story, I wish the way I found warlight was that interesting
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