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HOI4 State Map Start!: 6/24/2020 16:48:19

Level 34

I'm working on a HOI4 state map, and would like to know if you guys would prefer a each state a bonus, or the normal collective states bonus (like East Germany is a bonus, rather than Brandenburg a bonus). Additionally, it would be good to know if you would prefer the bonuses to be base on the number of both the civilian and military factories in the 1936 start date for each bonuses, or something else.

Edit: Almost forgot, I didn't include a couple islands like the tiny ones in the Gulf of Mexico, or the Polynesian ones.

Edited 6/25/2020 02:09:51
HOI4 State Map Start!: 6/25/2020 04:04:16

Crona Albarn
Level 58
probably each state as a bonus with the greater regions as a super bonus. this while more complicated would add much more variety to the senarios one could make.
HOI4 State Map Start!: 7/4/2020 14:55:07

Tchaikovsky Reborn
Level 40
I'd prefer if bonuses were just based on general regions or countries. the amount of work needed to factor in industrial power would be unnecessary
HOI4 State Map Start!: 7/4/2020 16:35:46

Level 49
state per bonus and only that
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