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Resetting statistics?: 5/24/2014 21:48:03

Level 36
I think that it would be nice to have an option to reset account statistics without resetting level/achievements, since I am sure that I am missing a lot of games with prerequisites.
Resetting statistics?: 5/24/2014 22:06:36

Richard Sharpe 
Level 59
Thus defeating the whole purpose of pre-reqs. Why allow people to limit by win-rate or boot-rate if you allow people to reset those stats?
Resetting statistics?: 5/24/2014 22:16:10

Level 61
Though it could be reasonable to have old losses and boots expire, like after 6-12 months.

Expire counting to prereqs I mean

Edited 5/24/2014 22:36:40
Resetting statistics?: 5/26/2014 04:17:04

Good Kid 
Level 56
That's only partially the purpose of pre-reqs.Let's say I won 20-25% of my 1v1's before learning to play properly, and then from then on won 60-70%.

I'd be better than some people with higher winrates who either started out better than me, or created an alt after getting good.
Posts 1 - 4 of 4