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QuickMatch: Booting issue: 6/11/2020 18:41:24

Level 58
Logged in a while back to learn that I had been booted a whole bunch of times due to QuickMatch being added. I never initiated the games, never played a single turn, and the end result was a boot by the other player. When I complained, I was told to change the setting. I did this, but it didn't fix the issue. Thus, I stopped visiting this site.

I have a 17% quit rate due to the issue. I would boot myself from tables with that quit rate, and don't blame others. The only solution I have is to play a whole bunch of quickmatch games and immediately surrender such that I don't waste my time actually playing the game. I am pretty sure that nobody will like this solution. I don't like 1:1 play, and would never bother with it.

A better solution would be to go back through the database and reset those games for the many individuals (as noted on the forum threads) who have had the same problem.

In the meantime, I will start Surrendering............................... Sure be nice if the setting had not be created incorrectly when it was implemented.
QuickMatch: Booting issue: 6/11/2020 20:28:04

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 63
Make some open 1v1 games and set them as practice, I think that could help you to lower your bootrate and not risk ruining your stats (in case that's something that you care about)
QuickMatch: Booting issue: 6/14/2020 16:52:00

Level 28
The boot rate now is calculated from last 100 games afaik and don't surrender QM games to reduce boot rate.
QuickMatch: Booting issue: 6/14/2020 17:02:18

Level 40
Click Quickmatch and disable ,, Invite me to multi-day games".
Have a good day!

Boka B
QuickMatch: Booting issue: 6/16/2020 03:45:55

Level 65
Simply do what Boka B said lol
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