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2v2 auto 9x9 games?: 8/16/2012 05:06:00

The Red Hoard
Level 19
I was just curious. Are these always the same games that the Left or Right Dude is in and everyone just refuses to join? Or do these guys have a ton of multiday games they play in all the time?
2v2 auto 9x9 games?: 8/16/2012 11:48:23

Level 58
they are both the same person. he apparently bought 2 memberships so he could have twice the maximum number of simultaneous open games. when he created a tournament with the same settings (i guess the only kind he plays) i complained that he was spamming the open games list and that, although he bought 2 memberships so he can do what he likes, maybe he could be a litte bit considerate and not have so many open at once. he didn't respond so postively to that.

they eventually do fill but because he creates like 20 at the same time, it takes a while. i've also seen games titled 'asia - the dude settings', created by other players. so they must be somewhat popular. the tournament hasn't started though, and it's been up for months.
Posts 1 - 2 of 2