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Map making rookie .-.: 6/9/2020 05:36:19

Mahtob Rilo
Level 5
Hi! Im pretty new to warzone, but i've had my way on softwares like inkscape, Gimp and Ai so I thought I might give maps a try .
I'm way more comfortable with illustrator and i think Im doing pretty well, already solved the ID thing and everything. Is there any advise on map making on Ai that you may have???

Thanks a lot!! <3
Map making rookie .-.: 6/9/2020 17:24:48

Level 63
I can’t think of a single person that uses illustrator over Inkscape for mapmaking. I use illustrator for other things, and for me Inkscape is better for maps just because the default hotkeys and tools are better suited to make maps quickly.
Map making rookie .-.: 6/10/2020 23:32:38

Level 58
I use Illustrator to make maps :D way more versatile. Well used to make maps at least...:D
Map making rookie .-.: 6/11/2020 01:47:55

Level 46
The legend!
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