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about when voting to end: 6/5/2020 21:28:59

Level 52
Im not sure about when I should vote to end and when not. I always play real-time maps and usually people dont get at time and get booted as you only have a few minutes to play, or they join maps and close the game before they start for no reason. When this happen in turn 1 or 2 people usually vote to end as is unfair having a player booted or surrended so early.
But at the same time you are helping the played that did it to save a lose, they dont get punished and continue doing it, also they have free card to leave the game if they dont like their random starting pick and you dont know if they left because of that (usually the player who leave is the first one that found an enemy).

Also often there is a low level in 1 team that choose wrong picks, does bad moves and their teamates vote to end and most people agree is unfair to play with someone in your team that doesnt know the map. You cant know if at least they tried to advice their teamate or just left because he was new. Is that a good reason? Im only allowed to play with good players, should they vote to end as well if they know the map better than me?

Ive been voting to end many times and now I think I was doing wrong, as I never ask for voting to end when Im in that situation and the other team never does when this happen in my team, and you only are helping bad players to save loses.

Edited 6/5/2020 21:32:01
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