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Unique type of game: 6/5/2020 19:43:43

Michael VIII Palaeologus
Level 56
Greetings all! Recently I've begun experimenting with a special type of diplo game I call the Events Diplo. In this style of game, there is an almighty host who creates events not unlike those in eu4 and sends them to players to make decisions about, which can result in anything from civil wars/rebellions, gifting/removing armies, to having them declare special types of wars on others.

Sadly, this sort of game has a real problem, which also plagues a lot of diplo games, in that players join and then just stay quiet, not interacting with the events or role-playing as their countries. Even worse, there's players who join just to go PE, get booted, or surrender. Since every player is integral to the events, and fast responses are also important, this means the host has to be very selective in players.

My first "test of concept" lasted 1 turn and people got booted, surrendered, and went PE. On my rehost of that, we've gotten to turn 5, but people started getting booted.

This is my second "test of concept" of this type of game: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=22608274
To "filter" the players who want to play, I'm only accepting high engagement, experienced diplo game players who must join this discord: https://discord.gg/63FsT5n. (When you join the discord there will be no channels visible, do not be alarmed, channels will become visible when I assign you a role.)

I would greatly appreciate if people could help me out with making this a thing. I feel like this style of diplo games is very interesting for all those involved, and it would be a shame if it never got off its feet.
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